Rise of Demon
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    Rise of Demon android, ios hack codes

    Wake up! All the rebellious souls, move towards the light of hope and go ahead. Now you wake up and everything starts from zero. Welcome to Floating city, i have a letter for you, you may understand something after reading it: “ maybe when you wake up, you will forget everything. But there is no time, the temple is in ruins. History repeats itself, return to the temple. The demons will help you.” Perhaps after you return to the temple and regain the lost memory, puzzles can be gradually solved. You still have a long way to go if you want to return to the temple.

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    Welcome game Rise of Demon! Use combo to defeat creeps. Higher combo, more heavy strike. Tap heavy strike button to use this skill. Use teleport to dodge attack quickly. Tap the skill icons to equip those skills. Deadly spiral - after blink forward a distance, play many times circle kick into the air. Phantom - summon mirror image, inherit 40% hero’s attributes. Clear the stage to gain skill stones. Use skill stones to upgrade your skills. The gold cost for fusion is always equivalent to the level and tier of item you are fusing into.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Rise of Demon android codes: when a boss is charging, do not dodge immediately, use leap strike to stop it instead. When the demon is down, go for the weak points. Successfully interrupting a monster’s charge will raise your attack speed and skill gauge. The higher your combo rating, the more powerful heavy strike will become. Evolving an item consumes evolution material in variable amounts. You can acquire them from the daily dungeons. The premium chests guarantee a rare item or higher.

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