Guardians of Fantasy
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    Guardians of Fantasy android, ios hack codes

    What? You said that the demon legion attacked us and you beat their lord? I know, you just had another heroic dream. Well, you got the hint: you’re the chosen one to stand against the demons. As a guardian of justice, you should no longer under protection, but stand in the way to keep others safe! You’re a true guardian when you fully understand your dream. Try getting yourself stronger in the twilight forest, it’s a place for greenhorns like you.

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    Welcome game Guardians of Fantasy! Warrior - the god of power, using infinite slash to strike at enemies. Mage - the power of the Barlog has awoken. Their devastating magic can destroy everything. The death itself has awoken. They are the apostles from hell. Shooter - scientific with hunter has awoken. Those floating laser cannons will rule the entire battlefield. Raid is available upon clearing on instance with 3 star result. You completed faction building mission and receive lots of experience.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Guardians of Fantasy android codes: Be reaching higher Arena ranking, you will get better daily rewards! Wanted quests are randomly refreshed daily and grant rich reward. Players can bring a long 1-2 pets into team instances depending on the number of team members. Higher quality gear can fully inherit the refinement level of lower quality gears. purchase monthly privilege subscription to claim 120 diamonds every day. Group cooperation is the key to victory in faction conflicts. Mysterious summon hack has a chance to produce rare orange pets and it is free once a day.

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