Nova Smash Slingshot Action
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    Hacked Nova Smash Slingshot Action android, ios

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    Nova Smash Slingshot Action android, ios hack codes

    One by one, the stars have winked out. Humanity’s initial probes into deep space were summarily destroyed, but not before relaying a terrifying descovery. Pull back to aim, and release to smash into the enenmy! You can start your aim from anywhere on the screen. Aim at your other units to trigger their bump combo. Experiment with different bump combos to do the most damage! Some units are lancers - they go straight through enemies! Lancers tend to be slower than bouncers. Get a direct hit on a boss' weak sopt for more damage! use lancers to hit a boss' weak spot more easily.

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    Welcome game Nova Smash Slingshot Action!enemies may drop loot crates in combat. Be sure to tap or swipe quickly to collect everything! Bosses always drop loot crates. You have a chance to find extra loot at the end of each mission! Enhance your leader with the same unit to improve its loot chance. Units can be enhanced by absorbing other units! Enhance units to their max level for a great sts boost! Use morph materials to transform max level units into powerful forms. Look for morph materials in daily events. Find powerful new units for your squad in the pod warp. Use prism to isolate the most powerful units' coordinates.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Nova Smash Slingshot Action android codes: you may change your leader at any time. Find the most powerful units in the omniverse! Purchase prism from the shop or redeem gifts and accomplish goals to earn prism for free. Use different squads based on the mission's elements. Enhance units regularly after completing missions. Merging units with the same element gives bonus experience to the enhanced unit.Enhance units with an exact copy to increase their loot skill! Defeat a boss before the bonus crate turn count reaches zero for extra rewards.

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