King's Bounty Legions
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    Hacked King's Bounty Legions android, ios

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    King's Bounty Legions android, ios hack codes

    I am taking you to the battle school, sire! You will always be located at the bottom right corner of the screen. First off, you have to pay the initial stake befero you start a battle. Your enemy will also get 2 units. But, you can't see what your enemy gets. Cards on the bottom indicate basic damage, extra damage, final damage of your units. It's time to draw your own unit from your vault. You can also get one from the common deck. Before start a battle, it's time to reveal all units. Any unit that has higher damage will win a fight.

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    Welcome game King's Bounty Legions! When you make a combo you will gain combo buff ( more damage). ANy player who has more units standing will win a game and all gold in the pot. Don't forget a winner can also take enemy unit if that unit came from the personal vault. Here is the race hierarehy: demon>rage>human> nature. Some attacks can cause burn or poison damage on the target. The injured squad will take health damage with every move, unit they remedy the status effect. Next to the status effect icon is a number showing the number of rounds that its effects will last for. The color of the arrow indicates negative (red) and positive (green) effects.

    Secrets cheat gameplay King's Bounty Legions android codes: A unit which has higher damage will win a battle. A player who wins the most battle will win a game. Don't forget the daily free spin. You can get 1 free unit and free gold every day. Many units have abilities that can be used in battle. Recently used abilities have to recharge before they become avalable again. By winning in battles gainst other players, you raise your rating, and can receive other valuable prizes. You have several units under your control, each with several squads. Click on a cell to move the highted unit. Click this button to perform the selected action. Looks like the nenmy has inflicted damage on your unit. Dut there are Pilgrims in your ranks who have the ability to heal the wounded!

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