Sengoku Blades
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    Hacked Sengoku Blades android, ios

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    Sengoku Blades android, ios hack codes

    Hey, stay with me! You will not die here! You seems to be fine. Can you walk? The enemies break the castle's westen gate! Our last defense line has fallen! You'll be the leader! We will follow your command! I'm cheat-on, i'll be more than happy to assist you in your quest. I can teach art of sword. Okay, let's build and grow our city! First, tap the warrior to talk to her. Patting your warrior will increase her loyalty, and people will spread new how wonderful the city is. This will attract more people to your city. You can see our city's current population here.

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    Welcome game Sengoku Blades! Heart icon above warrior's head will pop up from time to time. Plase take time to visit the city and say hello. You can talk to the warriors from time to time. And when your ity grows...If we have some places where travellers can relax, the city will definitely have more visitors. The townsfolks will approach you to suggest improvements for your city! And great city lord will always answer them. Teahouse - earns money in zeni. The higher the lvel, the more money you can collect. When the warrior feels comfortable with you, she will give you suggestion like this. Bildings have various effects on your city. It'll be fun to see where your people steer your city into!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Sengoku Blades android codes:Have healer unit in your squad to help low defense tank unit survive! Tap at warrior to see her summary. Continue your campaign to meet new warrior. Tap anyone with heart to gently pat her. This increases her loyalty and your city population! Listen to ideas - her idea will become city's new building! Backup is the warrior who comes to assist you in the middle of the battle. Other player will break in to assist you in battle. you can send an alliance requiest to warrior who came to assist you. This is good for establishing a kingdom. You should make as many allies as you can! So one day you'll have lots of helping hand. Your skill gauge goes up when you make or take damage!

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