• Cheats ArcheAge BEGINS hack android: gems, summon heroic box, materials, tokens, runes, cultivation package, enhance, wings. ArcheAge BEGINS hacked game bug codes android, ios.

    Hacked ArcheAge BEGINS android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack wings - fencwi;

    • enhance - monshR ;

    • gems - sterb6 ;

    • cultivation package - charesl ;

    • runes - ractiz ;

    • tokens - ctere2 ;

    • materials - rougiS ;

    • summon heroic box - worltG .

    ArcheAge BEGINS android, ios hack codes

    This is the ancient rift. We've finally found the location of the "mother of the world". All that's left is to open the door to the Garden. Are the secrets of the world really inside? Where there's a beginning, there's always an end. Let's go, friends. This will be the final destination of the library expedition. Of all the heroes, meet Gene and Kyprosa first. The battle is carried out automatically. When the wait time for a skill card is over, you can throw it in the numbered direction to use it. You can view the skill description while pressing down. Throw the card in the direction of the number.

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    Welcome game ArcheAge BEGINS! Kyprosa's continuous recovery skill can be used on allies. Use skill cards on allies to recovery health. Use the skill card to defeat the dragon blocking the entrance to the Garden. You can start a new saga by clicking next battle button. Tap skill cards to view the target number and direction. You can throw a skill card in direction number 2 to attack target number 2. The token shop does not refresh during CBT period.

    Secrets cheat gameplay ArcheAge BEGINS android codes: in order to summon a new hero, select manage heroes. From Gene's available talents, learn how to enhance normal attacks. You can enhance gear with the right hero level and materials. Select auto level enhance to enhance easily. Collect a variety of heroes and enhance them like this. Multiplayer mode - your fortress is your headquarters in this mode: here, you'll fight against other players, plunder their loot, and produce resources of your own.

    how to enter hack cheats ArcheAge BEGINS.

  • how and where enter
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