Elemental Guardians
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    Hacked Elemental Guardians android, ios

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    Elemental Guardians android, ios hack codes

    Isn't it brilliant, being admitted at Akadimia, the most prestigious school of magic of the seven cities? I'm cheat-on, but everyone calls me cheat. I'm a first year too! I'm also your instructor for Air magic, which means i will be your supervisor for today's field trip, in the Floating islands, to undertake your first test, the Trial of Air. There are creatures hidden in each region so pay attention to the ones that you visit. Team selection - here is where you select the creatures that you will use in the battlefield. All new students start with a Griffin, don't understimate them, Griffins are very powerful creatures when they become adults.

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    Welcome game Elemental Guardians!Welcome to the battlefield, first let me teach you soma basics...The green bars over your creatures represent their health and the numbers are their level. The blue bar shows the creature's speed. Once it's full, the creature gets an action. Tap on the skill first and then select a possible target. Each creature has different special abilities. Tap over any ability to know its description. Each creature has a specific role in battle. This one is a support, these kind of creatures help their allies in battle, is going to be very useful. You can also obtain chests every 8 hours.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Elemental Guardians android codes: you need to complete all levels to be able to simulate battles. Glyphs can be found almost anywhere. There are different glyph types, with various benefits. Each region will yield a different type of Glyph. The colored arrows indicate if your creature's element is advantaged, neutral or disadvantaged against each enemy. The green arrow means that you have the elemental advantage on the opponents. You will deal most damage against them. The yellow arrow means that you are neutral. your damage won't be reduced, nor increased. You can also upgrade your glyphs, to increase their benefits.

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