forces of freedom
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    forces of freedom android, ios hack codes

    Tap the score button again to zoom out. Go prone and scope in for more accuracy. Double tap the stance button to go prone. Soldiers under fire will become stressed and find it more difficult to aim. Stress in indicated by a red sphere around the soldier. Double tap the stance button again to stand up. Follow the way points to flank around the sniper's position. When enemies are close, you rifleman will shoot automatically. Approach and aim at the enemy sniper to auto shoot. Tap on settings cogs in game or main menu to customize your controls.

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    Welcome game forces of freedom! If enemy forces become overwhelming, use skills to deal damage to multiple targets. Using a skill will spend your action points. You can no longer use skills when your action points reaches 0, so use them wisely. Drag on the right half of the screen to turn and aim. Tap the fire button to shoot. While scoped, hold the fire button to steady your aim. Your shots will land within the circle bordered by your crosshair. The longer you hold the fire button the more accurate you will be. Shoot the centre of these targets to destroy them. Remember to hold the fire button to steady your aim.

    Secrets cheat gameplay forces of freedom android codes: use your left hand to target enemies and use your right hand to fire. Cross hairs mark the center of your screen. Use the directional pad to take aim. The lines will turn red when you've targeted an enemy. Position the crosshairs over an enemy and tap the fire button in the bottom right to take them out. Tap the reload button to refill your ammo. Some weapons are better in certain situations than others. Tap the weapon button in the upper right corner to switch weapons.

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