Ragnarok Spear Of Odin
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    Ragnarok Spear Of Odin android, ios hack codes

    The lights is Asgard died away, now that their gods had left, and the humans quickly forgot about their gods. Knight - a member of the Prontera guard who is committed to the peace of his kingdom. Warrior - an adventurer who has learned his fighting skills from the streets, not from the royal fencing school. Wizard - a mage who studies the balance of the world tree. Sorcerer - a philosopher who has an everlasting thirst for knowledge. There are 6 grades for a card. Increase the grade through evolution. Card evolution materials can be found from dismantled items.

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    Welcome game Ragnarok Spear Of Odin!Grand cross - enables you to quickly cross your sword twice, attacking enemies. Fienting attack - attacks enemies where it hurts the most. Basic attack create a chance of stunning enemies. Grace - a blessing light protects the character against enemy attack. Successful EVA restores as much health as a portion of enemies' attack. Repentance - sentences your target to excruciating pain. Inflicts greater damage on enemies with low health. Divine protection- have faith the in light, and it will give you strength. Its defence increases in proportion to its EVA. Endure - has the ability to ignore taunting enemies by concentrating its mind. EVA skills grant temporary immunity to the status effects.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Ragnarok Spear Of Odin android codes: sonic wave - enables you to leap forward and strike enemies downward with your sword. Rolling sword - enables you to spin 3 times as you swing your sword widely, attacking enemies in front. Rage burst - enables you to concentrate your energy onto your sword and quickly slash at enemies in front. Ignition brake - enables you to quickly swing your sword twice, punishing enemies. Shield press - enables you to strike the ground with your shield, knocking back enemies. Crimson rock - instantly send surrounding enemies flying. Free cast - harnesses the power of environmental mana. Decreases all skill cooldown by a certain amount.

    Skills Ragnarok Spear Of Odin: energy save - creates a barrier around where spacetime is warped. Enemies killed by skills restore consumed SP. Safety wall - warps speca to deflect enemy attack. EVA skills create a chance of making the character invincible for 1 second. Summon fire - summons a bug orb of flames onto enemies. Shoots a fireball at enemies in front. Fire pillar - instantly summons fire pillars, attacking surrounding enemies.

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