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    647th year of xiii epoch. Far islands, the temple of heavenly light. I was anticipating the day when i would become a true cleric with such a great excitement....To protect everyone calling for help in this cruel world. But when magister's hands were already moving to my shoulders for a blessing, the faceless broke into the ceremonial hall. For many years, far islands have been a peaceful corner in the war-torn world. Nobody dared to break the silence of this sacred place, and, especially, nobody could even think about attacking our temple. We weren't prepared at that moment, and i had to flee from the destructive alien magic. But the enemies chased us closely.

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    Welcome game Heroes of Arca! I didn't even understand what happened next. The floor under my fleet disappeared and i've fallen into darkness. That flight seemed to be endless. I've even gave up my life already...But the landing appeared to be soft and virtually painless. We appeared face to face to the most strange animal i've ever seen. In the next moment one of the enemies got close to us, and i had no choice but to defend my casual savior. The order's statute and my own heart dictated that! Imagine my astonishment when the furry creature came forward and defeated the pursuer by little more than just snapping its fingers.

    Story mode Heroes of Arca: "My name is Furrcifer! - the shaggy one introduced himself. - But don't hope that i'll do everything for you all the way. Thus, take this and listen to me attentively. This is a part of ancents' key, and we'll have to assemble all four parts if you want to free your world from the Faceless...". But my new acquaintance didn't have time to finish his speech - a leader of the Faceless that attacked our temple approached us. The beast took at the enemy and cooly said: "Well, let's make a practical exercise. To battle!"

    Battle cheats hack Heroes of Arca: Summon some warriors first, to avoid fighting alone. I will support the skill you'll select with two random skills. if you get lucky, your magic will be enforced, and if you get very lucky, you'll get an extra turn. Our warrior is damaged? TO help him, try to summon him another time. i've forgotten to warn you: death of summoned creatures negatively affects the summoner's health. Be more careful. Attack twice - if you prepare well to use this ability, you can win the battle - remember that blessed creatures of high levels can inflict tremendous damage with a double attack. Double attack may also double damage of your creatures.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Heroes of Arca android codes:Soldier - at this difficulty level you're on equal terms with your enemies. Veteran - at this difficulty your hero gains 75% experience. This level fits to players ready to fight enemies with superior forces. Almost everything here is decided by your ability to choose the right combat tactics. Roll your skill three times, and you will take an extra turn. Neutral spells - use them to set a barrier, to bless or weaken. Offensive spells - use them if you choose to attack the enemy. To learn or enhance a skill, press upgrade button.

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