Martial Heroes
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    Martial Heroes android, ios hack codes

    A group of Martial heroes are heading towards the Lin residence in fuzhou, and they are almost there, quickly head over to Lin residence to help them! You came at the right moment, let's go into the residence to take a look at what is happening. Please head over to the Lin residence and stop the Qingcheng disciples from bullying the maids in the residence. The opponents are getting stronger, it's better to bring some helpers along and try again. better this way than dying. The more heroes you place in the line up, the stronger their attack power! Just remember to place stronger heroes in the line up whenever you acquire some!

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    Welcome game Martial Heroes! In the team interface, heroes may give other heroes equipment that have been previously used and also teach martial arts skills that have previously been leveled up. Whenever you place a newly acquired hero in a lime up, please remember to equip them with equipment, and also to learn new martial arts skills. After hero learns new martial arts, the hero will gain new moves, and also gain greater power with higher quality of martial arts skills.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Martial Heroes android codes: earn 3 stars for more rewards. Remember to use your new heroes when they join you! All gift packs and treasure boxes acquired in the game may be found in your bag. Reinforced equipment can increase hero's attack force to easily suppress an opponent. You do not currently posses any passive skills, head to shop enlist or pearl treasure box to get some. The tutorial has come to an end, now it's time to star your own story!

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