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    TonTon Pirate android, ios hack codes

    We stole a seaworthy ship from pirates. Now that we've safely arrived in the harbor, let's go to the shipyard and get ourselves a better ship. We can edit our ship and position pirates. Let's board all our new characters on the ship! Drag a hero with your finger and press the ok button to board them. In the shipyard, we can also install a mast and buy ships. promoting a pirate to tier 3 or higher will enable its skills. Even low grade pirates can become powerful. You can raise your user level by completing an expansion battle. You can attempt an expansion battle after gathering challenge stars in the last region. Then we can engage in pirate activities in this region.

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    Welcome game TonTon Pirate!World map - expand your control over the vast ocean and strengthen your crew to reach your goals. Colosseum - deploy 8 main pirates in order to battle other users! Hgihkurd's trial - test the limit and gain the most powerful accessories. Plunder - fight the pirate guilds to steal gems! Upgrade weapons and armor to increase stats. Gear upgrades require upgrade scrolls. When we win a battle, we can gain gold or other booty! When you defeat all the enemies on the deck, your pirates will head down to the cabin. Throw yourself towards the floating coins! The coins you get by flying through the sky will fatten your purse! The bigger and more golden the better!

    Secrets cheat gameplay TonTon Pirate android codes: select the pirate to shoot over. Pull the cannon and shoot. Remember, spears dominate swords, blunts dominate spears, and swords - blunts. In expansion battles, you must fight the enemies in order. Fusing pirates of the same grade and identity will result in a random pirate of the appropriate grade. There is a low chance to also gain a higher grade. Colosseum season is reset every 2 weeks. feed magic beer to a pirate to gain additional skills! An awakened pirate has more battle options. Premium recruit - a tier 3-5 pirate using gem skulls, if you recruit 10 pirates at a time, one guaranteed pirate will always appear. You need more scrolls to upgrade higher level gear. Upgrade scrolls

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