Miracle Mainland
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    Miracle Mainland android, ios hack codes

    The one who brings the white meteorolite, his glory is dazzling, when the world is dark, that is when he is born. The hero with chaos will eventually lead the gods defeat all the evil. Lord of God, we trapped under the devil's trap that let you over-use of the power of god, i used the magic to escape here in the last crisis time. You need to recover self - confidence and courage. Magic boards outside the village become more and more. Please help us!

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    Welcome game Miracle Mainland! Force shooting - penetrate the targets in line and cause 102% base damage. Passed the level 10 of devil tower can open the automatic challenge. Compositing backpack can expand your backpack capacity. Mount can be ridden and increase the property of character! Fairy land boss will drop orange equipment. 5 times of rebates to let you free willfulness. Purchasing lv-fund can get 300% bound diamonds. You'll receive parts immediately and others after reaching the related level. Enhance equipment can greatly enhance combat power.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Miracle Mainland android codes: killing monsters in the fairyland for 1 hour per day brush strange can easily get a lot of experience. Use advanced meditation crystal will get a lot of experience. Power of god should be used with caution! There is still no god can completely control the power of god! Use too much will be very dangerous. The order of item quality from low of high: white, green, blue, purple, orange. Is team instance difficult? Team up more partners together! Use skills can make a higher damage. On 7 consecutive days, many good gift to send everyday. You'll be rewarded with equipments, props and other things for up the level.

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