Hunter Age Fantasy Land
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    Hacked Hunter Age Fantasy Land android, ios

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    • constellation stones - abovi9 ;

    • sprout credit - 1magi8 .

    Hunter Age Fantasy Land android, ios hack codes

    In my dream, i was stunned by a shadow i found myself in a small beautiful fishing village when i woke up...Fog village - legendary place where dreams begin. Energy restored along with time. Challenge demons and bosses in Overseas by tapping them. Build a team with players 5+ level lower than you to acquire sprout credit. 1 month of Abattoir is a season. When the guild holy flame is lit, staying in guild auto mode grants experience and personal contribution. Zodiac challenge grants 4P family constellation stones. Otherworld boss is refreshed hourly in field area, kill it to acquire rare equipment.

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    Welcome game Hunter Age Fantasy Land! Maruts are adept at tearing up enemies swiftly and mercilessly! They can fade in shadow in a very short time to launch a fatal sneak attack. Boxer - strong body and unbending will is Boxer's most powerful weapon! They always rush to the front lines in combats, taunt and destroy enemies with the power of flame! Mages are adept at using power of lightning to launch a ranged fatal attack! They can twist the space and use black hole to gather amounts of enemies! Priest excelling in necromantic magic hold a special space in Noah world. They curse enemies and heal allies with their skilled art of necromancy!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Hunter Age Fantasy Land android codes: lots of Otherworld monsters randomly show up in the field, kill them to acquire abundant rewards. Have a chance to enter rainbow island in rare treasures event. Complete lord quest to get lots of experience and gold coins rewards. Fetch rune for enhancing your skill. You could get medals by completing side quests. Honor could promote medals. Failed enhancement increases success rate. You can get gold, redstone, chest items. But a petty thief may come and steal it from you. Each time you level up, you can choose a new ability value. If you do not like the ability value card, you can refresh it to get new cards.

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