Zenonia S
  • Cheats Zenonia S hack android: sweep ticket, skill, stat points, gems, package, zena, unlimited keys stamina energy, costumes. Zenonia S hacked game bug codes android, ios.

    Hacked Zenonia S android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack energy stamina - theswi;

    • costumes - mrospR ;

    • unlimited keys - 0tarkn ;

    • zena - c3with ;

    • package - 5fadez ;

    • gems - 6tpast ;

    • skill, stat points - abovi9 ;

    • sweep ticket - 1magi8 .

    Zenonia S android, ios hack codes

    The castle is under attack! Save us! Destroy all the enemies. Neal (magician) - a character that attacks a large number of enemies with a variety of long range magic attacks. Suitable for advanced players due to low health, defense, low survival rate and difficult control. Bishu ( assassin) - a character that conceals herself and instantly overpowers enemies with a chain sickle and poison. Collect equipment and customize your hero. Team up and defeat powerful bosses.

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    Welcome game Zenonia S! Regret (slasher) - A character with strong defense and speed. Charges towards enemies in a close range with a sword. Suitable for beginners due to good balance of attack and defense and easy control. Ecne (ranger) - a character optimized for speedy long range attacks using a double pistol. Suitable for intermediate and advanced players due to low defense and difficult skill control. Daza (fighter) - a character that subdues enemies with continuous close range attacks using a glove. Although high in survival rate due to high health, suitable for intermediate players.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Zenonia S android codes: go to the skill's information to assign a quick slot. Power charge - charges at the enemy while brandishing a sword. Power slash - strikes the enemy with powerful force. Damage - attack increases permanently. Potion effect increase - effects of health\ SP potions are permanently increased. All owned avatar's effect will be applied, even if they're not equipped. Featuring 5 types of battle classes, 400 different costumes, 150 unique areas, a rock solid battle system and a deep compelling story, embark on an epic adventure through time and space with your hero regret, striving to conquer evil and correct a broken destiny.

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