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    Retimo Adventure android, ios hack codes

    One fine day in the once peaceful pit-a-pat kingdom. The dark lord's tower suddenly appeared. The dark lord's powerful army rushed out and trampled over the pit-a-pat kingdom. And acquired a powerful military and conquered most of the kingdom. The kingdom sent out punitive forces but no one stood a chance against the Dark lord's army. The castle walls crumbled and the town lit on fire.
    We can't be held back any longer! All soldiers must prepare for death and protect the royal family. And so the kingdom prepared for the final showdown. But, one day before the battle. The dark lord ate some chips, choked, and died. As soon as the Dark lord died, the enemy's castle crumbled and most of the dark army along with it. The few remaining survivors of the enemy's army surrendered. And peace returned to the pit-a-pat kingdom.

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    Welcome game Retimo Adventure! 30 years later. The dark lord's castle reappeared at the very same spot out of nowhere. But unlike 30 years ago, the enemy's army was nowhere to be seen. The king issued a royal command to solve this problem. And so an adventure began for those who desired treasure from the dark lord's castle, for those curious about its secrets, and for those with nothing better to do.
    Tutorial screen - where you can check the enemy's information and select the party members and mercenary before you begin to explore. First, you need to check up the level, rank and element of your enemy then organize a party.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Retimo Adventure android codes: the fire element hero can give additional damage to these monsters. So' select the fire element heroes can be advantageous. On the contrary to this, the wind element hero can be damaged additional damage from these monsters. in the central area, we can check and change the party to participate in the exploration. One tap can fall the party out and one tap in the waiting line can take the party in. When your health reaches 0, you'll be taken out of the battle. However, you'll join the next battle with a health of 1 or more. Exploration map - we can see the only surroundings and the path we've been explored. Question item gives a random buff. The effect right before was "remembrance of ancient memories". it reveals all maps.

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