Final Fantasy A New Empire
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    Final Fantasy A New Empire android, ios hack codes

    Your empire needs a steady source of resources to thrive. There are four types of resource buildings: the farm, the energy extractor, the quarry, and the mine. Farms produce food, a vital resource for training and supporting your troops. First, you'll need to tap on the my items tab to see what you have in your inventory. Your items are sorted into different categories. The gift we're going to open is listed under treasures. Tap the use button to open your treasures and get the items inside.

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    Welcome game Final Fantasy A New Empire! Build energy extractors to generate energy to your empire. hero's profile - you can manage your hero's skills and equipment here. Heroes are critical for the growth and defense of your empire. Level up and use any ability points available to strengthen your hero's skills whenever you can. Quests provide significant rewards that'll help your empire prosper. Through quests you'll find valuable resources and special treasure that are needed to expand your empire. Joining a guild is important" you'll gain access to gifts, quests, gold, allies, friends, and much more.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Final Fantasy A New Empire android codes: need more funds, loyalty, or resources? Go try your skills in correct for rewards. When you get new treasures, don't forget to open them to claim the items inside. The citadel provides an overview of your empire's production and advancements. Remember, when you see the free button, you can tap it to instantly complete the rest of the time remaining on your building. You will need multiples of each resources building to have an efficient economy. Resources vault - which serves to protect a portion of your resources from being plundered. It can protect more resources from possible attack.

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