Age of Warriors
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    Age of Warriors android, ios hack codes

    Nations take up arms at the ground city of Thunderbolt. The mighty were bear, wise humans and cunning elves fight beneath one banner. Go to the Rhunderbolt city, my lord... Find new warriors, kill all the Abominates, and end this god damn cold weather. The last warrior in my team, told me with his last breath, after a fierce battle. I have become numb to such situations. It is already the 28th day after Elantra fell into this unknown deep coldness. The war with the Abominates is becoming increasingly difficult. They came out of nowhere and destroyed our homes.

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    Welcome game Age of Warriors! Is this blood? My vision is becoming blurry... Consciousness is the only thing dragging my legs forward. Damn it... I could really end up dead. If i can't make it to Thunderbolt city.
    This is the thunderbolt city. You were besieged by Abominates, but fortunately we arrived in time. Firstly, let me introduce you a powerful partner. Warrior - melee unit, counters archers, but is weak to mages. All battles will be auto battling. Green bar - health points - heroes will die when health reaches 0. Blue bar - action points - heroes will perform skills automatically when action points is full. Action points will increase when your heroes attack or be attacked.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Age of Warriors android codes: neutral units start attacking if they take damage or a debuff. Play 4 minute (2v2) or 15 minute 4y4) matches. Please share your successful skills combination strategy to your guilds. Let's unite to fight against the enemies together. Anne - when she uses multiple arrows, no one could escape her attack. Hill - his strong hit will hurt and stun enemies standing in a line. Tap the building with an exclamation point. Follow the instructions and drag all of your heroes into the specified area to attack the ranger with lower health and higher attack first. Drag the specified hero to the highlighted spot. Vampire disguise plus arcane tracer will help mages deal massive damage.

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