Iron Blade Medieval Legends
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    Iron Blade Medieval Legends android, ios hack codes

    Beamon orc has always been the birthplace of the strongest warriors on Dreiser continent! However a riot happened a few years ago, costing almost the entire younger generation, including Chief Garello. Flamen Berio betrayed the doctrine of shaman and defected of Everblight legion. Berio, and his puppet, Chief Mourinho worked with the elves to attack the human race. Due to the betrayal of elves, the orc lost their home and was forced to move to the north. It was the first time they ever felt fear. The son of Garrelo, Ogg, the hell snake, returned and defeated the traitor. He held the axe of destiny and founded Aucknia city. The orc race needs a hero and they need you.

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    Welcome android game Iron Blade Medieval Legends! Berserker - He is not someone willing to hide behind. He's the type who always goes directly with hacking and slashing! Paladin - being very perceptive and strong, he is perfect for a team. Archer - she master quick moves which can often fool her enemies to disadvantages. Mage - we always feel nervous about unknown things. This one will renew what you believe. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Level up to level 15 to make some friends. Activating titles is an effective way to increase stats.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Iron Blade Medieval Legends android codes: join the 7 day event to get abundant rewards. Use the joystick to move your hero. Eliminate enemies when you meet them. Save your anger to release ultra skill. Free your hands using auto fighting when your reach level 3. Resources with special offers can be found in "be stronger". The higher vip status level, the more hack cheats privileges. Clearing stage rewards you stars. Collect more stars. Collect heroes to activate fate and boost your power!

    Rules for Open Beta Iron Blade Medieval Legends Test Rebate Event:
    Dear Lord, Heart of Honor: Burning Blood has started its closed beta test! Any amount of top-up in this closed beta test will be double returned to you! For example, if you top up Si 00, you will
    get $200 in the coming-up open beta test, if $500 then $10,00 (Besides, all your VIP points will be returned to you in open beta test!)
    Detailed rules:
    1. Diamond rebate example: John tops up $99.99 during the closed beta test so he will get 99.99*2 *60(12,000) diamonds in the open beta test!
    2. All VIP points you get in closed beta test will be returned to you in the open beta test, while you can even get a first top-up gift in OBT for free!
    3. In the open beta test, your chance to get double rewards in your first top-up will be reset. For instance, John's first top-up in closed beta test is $0.99 and be gets 120 diamonds in the open game.

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