TMNT portal power hacking
  • Cheats, hack: unlocked all costumes, unlimited combo count, free download (pc, android, ios). Hacking game TMNT portal power android.

    The plan of the article:
    A small overview of the game.
    Letter cheats and codes.

    Hack cheats TMNT portal power android

      List of letter codes in the hacking game:
    • unlocked all costumes - pKlqV4;

    • unlimited combo count - fVR0dG;

    • free download - YRgZ9h;

    • all maps - GWEtLk ;

    • hero level up - d57EoQ;

    • hack download free (pc, android, ios) - eFURxe;

    TMNT portal power android hack

    Leonardo - dash to four different targets and attack them.

    Skater gear (skate or die) - skate around the screen, hit enemies, and do tricks.Perk style bonus: enemy KOs count as 2 hits towards the turtle TMNT portal power combo.

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Ooze buster - spray ooze over a large area and knick down and stun any enemy caught in the ooze. Perk: no damage when enraged lava warriors are attacked, and their fiery lava skin is doused by ooze.

    Rock star - kick off a massive street concert. Enemies with rhythm will start dancing for a short time. Encore: once per level, all Turtles TMNT portal power revived with a small amount of health when KO'd.

    Knight costume - go medieval on enemies. Charge to a target and attack miltiple times with a lance. Armor: take one hit without losing Turtle power combo, -25% damage from attacks.

    Wizard costume TMNT portal power - unleash blast of lightning that chain to nearby targets. Regeneration: slowly fills all four turtle specials over time.

    bear warrior - grow to bear size and unleash furious attacks for a short period. Alpha Bear: costume special scares off other bears and mini rock warriors when used.

    Lava costume - smash the ground and let loose an eruption of hot magma. Hot stuff: enemies that attack take damage when lava skin is active. +25% damage to ice golems TMNT portal power.

    Dino warrior - leap through the air and duliver a spinning slam attack to the ground. Primeral: +12/5% damage and deffense, increased chance of a shell smash.

    TIme traveler -generate a bubble of time distortion that slows time for all enemies inside the bubble. Time keeper: increased time before the Turtle power combo is lost in nightmare mode.

    Space Suit - turns off gravity on enemies, slams them into the ground. Space food: Vegie pizzas provide double health.

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