CosmicBreak Adventures
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    • evolution - YourK8 .

    CosmicBreak Adventures android, ios hack codes

    Cosmoloids of all shapes and sizes live here. From humes to robots, everyone gets along. But...nothing could have prepared us for that. A small conflict on this peaceful planet set off a chain of events which sent us on a grand journey that spanned the galaxy. I was remembering how you were when we first met! You'd only just arrived on the planet and it seemed like you were in such a rush. Don't you remember? You were always saying that you'd set off as soon as your ship was fixed. And now you'd make for a fine Grandpa! I finished tuning the engines ship this morning. She can set out whenever.

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    Welcome android game CosmicBreak Adventures! Position two or more of the same cosmoloid vertically grants a health regen effect, while positioning them horizontally grants a stamina regen effect. Time to attack a rival hero! It's the only way for you to get valuable war tokens. You can spend war tokens in the shop to get cool new stuff - so be sure to attack other heroes often. Higher rarity items and troops always have better stats and require less experience to evolve to the max tier. You can evolve troops in the same way as you do with gear items. When you buy energy, you also receive raid tickets.

    Secrets cheat gameplay CosmicBreak Adventures android codes: play every day to receive better rewards. Defeat all enemies on the left side of the screen to clear the stage. Position your units on the right side of the screen to begin combat. Obtaining multiple copies has increased this cosmoloid's level cap and boosted its parameters by 10%. Upgrades allow to enhance your combat capacity. Start out by upgrading your energy capacity and energy charge. Increase your starting energy and capacity. Use your gacha ticket hack cheats code to pay the gacha! You can use it to play the single gacha once. You will be given the option to re-roll the Gacha as many times as you wish for this one time only.

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