Empire War: Age Of Heroes
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    Hacked Empire War: Age Of Heroes android cheats, ios

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    • unlimited resources: iron, stone, wood, food - obtaW9 ;

    • silver - YourK8 .

    Empire War: Age Of Heroes android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, my lord. I am cheat-on, your advisor, i will guide you as you start on a path to world domination. To begin, let's build a house. Houses provide your citizens with shelter. After building houses, your city's population limit will be increased and your population will begin to grow. Barracks - troops can be trained or demobilized at the barracks. Tavern - a popular gathering place for local people. Heroes can be found and recruited in the tavern. Villa - serves as your heroes' residence. Muster field - you can dispatch troops, give orders, set strategies and check the status of your troops at the muster field.

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    Hourglass - reduces the building or research time of one task by 15 minutes. These items can be used consecutively. You need to build more houses to increase your city's strength. But first, let's get your people working. Farm - produce all of your food. Food is consumed during construction, research and training. Food is also essential to sustain your troops, either at home or on an expedition. Quarry - produce stone which is essential for construction and research. Mine - produce iron that can be used from making weapons and armor as well as in construction and research.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Empire War: Age Of Heroes android codes: upgrade farms to increase your food production and capacity limit. Upgrade your houses to attract more people to settle in your city. Samwill - produce wood which can be used in construction, research and the manufacturing of weapons for your troops. A steady supply of wood is needed for construction and to help the army increase in size. Your resources are displayed at the top of the screen. Click to view more details. You need to recruit a hero to help you govern the city. Heroes usually appear in a city's tavern. Upgrade your tavern and it will attract higher level heroes in greater numbers. The villa serves as your heroes' residence. There you can check their status, alter their strategies, reward them or even dismiss them. To recruit a hero, there must be a vacancy for them at the Villa. Upgrade your Villa to increase the amount of heroes you can recruit.

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