Warlords Battle Heroes
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    Hacked Warlords Battle Heroes android cheats, ios

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    • shards - enteEt ;

    • unlimited resources: lumber, coin, ore - obtaW9 ;

    • tokens - YourK8 .

    Warlords Battle Heroes android, ios hack codes

    My Dear Majesty: Welcome to your visiting, I'm Joyce, please let me guide you to experience the expeditions that consisted of the brand nev "troops" and "heroes". I'll also bring you the continuously unique gameplays and unprecedented surprising experiences. The yellow turbans are causing chaos all around. We should suppress them at once! Who will be the warrior to break the enemy? Please click the campaign button to the world. Click the destination to advance. Ma Chaos is a warrior, and good at leading warrior troops. Please send a squad of shield bearers. Sun Shang Xiang is shooter and can lead shooters and shooters.

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    Welcome android game Warlords Battle Heroes! Click a troop's avatar and you can consume army provisions to send out troops! You can use hero skills to attack the enemies. Click a troop's avatar and you can repeatedly summon troops to attack the enemies. A troop can be promoted to increase their quality and growth when they reach a certain level. Your majesty, collect relevant hero's shards to get a new hero! During the battle, you need to deploy heroes of a specialty before you can deploy troops of the same specialty. Golems made by Taoism can contain an enemy's physical attack efficiently.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Warlords Battle Heroes android codes: challenging levels that you've already cleared will activate the automatic fighting function. Long tap a troop's avatar to recruit them continuously. Upgrade troop levels to improve your combat effectiveness. Eat peaches to increase hero health in battle. Complete targets to get remarkable rewards. Click on a troop's avatar to summon them to fight. Bombs can attack the enemies crowd by crowd and inflict great damage. Sweep the level to get its rewards quickly. The boss will capture your hero whose specialty restrains his to PK.

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