Crazy Dragon
  • Cheats Crazy Dragon hack android: gold mode, skill points, ruby, gift box, heart, holly scroll, legend summon box, swords energy. Crazy Dragon hacked game bug codes android, ios.

    Hacked Crazy Dragon android cheats, ios

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    • hack gold mode - caut2i;

    • swords energy - atta8R ;

    • skill points - char6n ;

    • gift box - Warr5h ;

    • heart - drage0 ;

    • ruby - enteEt ;

    • holly scroll - obtaW9 ;

    • legend summon box - YourK8 .

    Crazy Dragon android, ios hack codes

    The small lights from everywhere are coming together to light the world from the darkness. You can evade the enemies's attack and traps by evasion skills. Click on the evasion button. Kill enemies by using the attack button. Try the combination attack with combination of skills. Avoid the enemy attacks and try to use skills. The monsters with same number of strengths +5th enhancement + consensus 100% can be compounded. Increasing consensus can be done by playing the battlefield. You can get paid for attendance, mission, and event thrugh mail box.

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    Welcome android game Crazy Dragon! Warrior - it rules the world by force the warrior fights against many enemies alone, with his superior strength and infinite power. Magician - it rules the world with a powerful spell. As many enemies as you encounter, that boasts a powerful destructive. Assassin - it deceives the world by swiftness flashing murderous eyes to the enemy, it gets stringer on every attacks to enemy. Many kind of battles: heroes battle, team combat, raid, guild war, siege war. Enhance the skill level with paid the skill points.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Crazy Dragon android codes: reward will be sent to your mail. If you choose a friend, you will get helper during the battle. Stunning continued skills and combo attack! The combo attack is available with continued skills and basic attack. Try the combination attack with combination of skills. By monster's level the number of skills will increase. Drachu is easy to control, you can ride it on, call it when you need an help. You will get some skill points whenever your level is up. Press the skill button to move to the skill window. Learn skills for more powerful combo attacks. If you click a row or click the above skills associated skills will be triggered.

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