Ninja Shuriken
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    How Ninja Shuriken code cheats bug key 2017

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack new mode key - Warr2i;

    • auto aim - accu8R ;

    • shurikens - Mage6n ;

    • gem crystal - cont5h ;

    • stars - destr0 ;

    • coins - elemEt ;

    • scroll - combW9 ;

    • health - meleK8 .

    Ninja Shuriken android, ios hack codes 2017

    Welcome young apprentice! I'm your master and now you will take on an adventure to free the worlds from evil ninjas! Here you can see all the places you can go. Just tap on the screen to enter a world and you will gain access to the levels it is made of. There are three kind of levels available: standard combat levels, bonus levels and boss levels. Gain start to progress, make your way to the world boss and defeat him to gain access to other worlds. Good luck young ninja.

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    Welcome android game Ninja Shuriken! Very well! I believe that my teachings have made you become a true ninja, ready to face any challenge. However i would like to sum up some of the key lessons, just to be sure you are really ready. Green icons represent your health. Once exhausted you will lose the game. Drag your finger from your shuriken, at the bottom of the screen, on a target to hit. Defeat more enemies in a sequence to achieve combos and increase your level score. Some enemies can throw weapons at you. You can counter these weapons by shooting them. Remember that you are an honorable ninja! Avoid hitting innocent people or you will lose health. If you want to choose a different one among those you own, just chance it in the inventory. Don't worry, these boxes will never contain an item you already own. Collectible shurikens do not deal extra damage but they make the game much more fun.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Ninja Shuriken android codes: scroll button - once you have a scroll equipped press this button to activate it. Scrolls are very useful in battle. Visit the shop to know more about them. Every time you successfully complete a level your will be awarded with up to three stars. Each star can be achieved by completing three tasks. This is all, now you are really ready to start your adventure and prove that you are the hero the world needs. Shop - here you will be able to purchase collectible weapons, magic scrolls, stock up extra lives and coins. Every time you make a purchase you can go to your inventory and equip it to use it in game. Shurikens - in this section of the shop you can find awesome collectible shurikens. Every collection consists of 5 items, purchasing a box will give you a random item in that collection. Once bought the item will be automatically equipped.

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