Royal Empire Realm of War
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    • resource: iron, grain - combW9 ;

    • roulette - meleK8 .

    Royal Empire Realm of War android, ios hack codes 2017

    Blast, the chancellor's forces! Don't fret, my lord, none can break through our line! All soldiers, attack! Lawrence used black magic to rot my father's mind, transforming him... He will pay a steep price indeed, some day. Your wish is my command. Let Lawrence and his dogs taste the might of the true imperial Forces!
    Now, far and away in a small frontier city...My lord, welcome to your city. I am cheat-on, your loyal adviser. I trust that in no time you'll have become an esteemed ruler, but for now we should focus on the basics. You can develop any empty land in the city.

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    Welcome android game Royal Empire Realm of War! Construct a farm first. When there isn't much time remaining, you can hasten for free. Construct a dwelling to attract more people to your kingdom, which means collecting higher taxes. Houses need to build in the city, choose any empty plot to start. Our city's planning efforts seem to be effective. I imagine that our city will have plentiful resources in no time, so we must build a storehouse. Shelter can protect us from being plundered. A time gift has been put in your backpack, you can view and use it under my items. Lumber forms the sturdy skeleton of your kingdom. Upgrading the mill can help supply your growing kingdom with much needed lumber.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Royal Empire Realm of War android codes: farm - you are the king of this city, but people care more about bread. Mill - the forests are so dense that lumber seems to be inexhaustible. Quarry - ever since housing prices went up, business has been great. Mine - gold can buy anything, but during war, iron is more helpful. Tap the hero on the city wall to assign unit to him. You can have the hero garrison your city or go for battle. Remember only garrisoned heroes will protect your city from invasion. We need constantly maintain troop number to protect our resources. Force trainees to fold blankets by pretending that it is actual training. YOu can use hasten to complete recruitment.

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