• how to cheats Bladelords hack kode: upgrade immediately, gold coins, unlock hero, level up, evolve instant, voucher code. Bladelords hacked game bug codes android, ios.

    How bug Bladelords code cheats bug key 2017

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack voucher code - Warr2i;

    • evolve - accu8R ;

    • level up - Mage6n ;

    • unlock hero - cont5h ;

    • coins - destr0 ;

    • gold - elemEt ;

    • instant - combW9 ;

    • upgrade immediately - meleK8 .

    Bladelords android, ios hack codes 2017

    It is now time to recruit your first fighter. The path ahead is full of dangers so pick wisely...Improve your character statistics to make him stronger. Attack - this skill increases attack damage. Defense - this skill decreases damage received. Special - this skill increases ultra combo refill rating. Quickly tap forward or backward twice to perform a dash. Combine basic attacks to defeat your opponent. You should upgrade your fighter to continue winning. Tap one of the icon below to view an upgrade category. In a timed fight mission you have a limited amount of time to defeat an opponent. It's a good way to make money.

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    Welcome android game Bladelords! Defeat opponents in limited time to climb the tower of infinity. The higher you are, the more interesting the reward. Each button on the city screen opens a menu: the company button opens access to story line missions. The store button opens the equipment shop. The daily mission - opens the daily mission menu. The shield sentry project an energy wall that blocks enemy fire. It's especially effective in sealing off choke points. The haste field sentry - it emits healing orbs for your team. Passing through its thermal field temporarily boosts agility. remember that your allies will also be planting their sentries with you. In a real match you'll have 30 seconds to plant your sentries. If you run out of time, they will be automatically planted fro you.

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    Secrets cheat gameplay Bladelords android codes: tap one of the characters below to see details. Cards are earned through crates. Earning cards allows you to earn and upgrade merc, abilities and sentries. Upgrading cards makes them stronger. Play against other players in quick match to earn crate rewards and medals. Earning medals will improve your rank which unlock new arenas and matches you against more skilled opponents. The stun debuff stops an enemy merc from doing anything for a short duration. The enhancement points and multiplier on the roulette gives the final enhancement points. Enhancement level increases with sufficient enhancement points. Each enhancement level increases stats by 10%.

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