• how to cheats Deadwalk hack kode: money, vip, secret kit, recruit pack, power up, skill book, gold key, unlimited resources. Deadwalk hacked game bug codes android, ios.

    How bug Deadwalk code cheats bug key 2017

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack gold key - Warr2i;

    • skill books - accu8R ;

    • power up- Mage6n ;

    • recruit pack - cont5h ;

    • secret kit - destr0 ;

    • vip status - elemEt ;

    • money - combW9 ;

    • unlimited resources: food, water, metal, fuel - meleK8 .

    Deadwalk android, ios hack codes 2017

    The humans used nukes to destroy the wave of zombies. However, 95% of the human population also perished. The survivors named this the apocalypse. We have arrive, commander. This place looks perfect for a new base. Our soldiers are starving. let's prepare some food and water. Build more lumber mills to improve wood production which are important for building and training troops. House offers your people a place to stay. Please build more houses to increase your city's population. Military camp - is a facility for the troops' lodging and training. Hospital - the wounded troops in all wars. Tap start to begin a quest. After a certain waiting time, you can claim the rewards.

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    Welcome android game Deadwalk! The power of hourglass can help you learn technologies more quickly. train as many defensive units as you can to protect your city. The city wall firmly protects your city against attack and invasions. Upgrade to improve the defense. Build a heroes's hall to recruit and conduct your heroes. Upgrade to appoint more heroes. heroes can reach a higher level by gaining enough experience. Assigned to different positions, heroes can bring buff effect. The inn improves your troop movement speed on attacks and other missions. Upgrade to reduce travel time. Build inn for your troops and horses to rest and regain lost strength in the march. Storehouse - it holds and protects valuable resources from pillage when your city is under attack.

    deadwalk hack cheat code key mode

    Secrets cheat gameplay Deadwalk android codes: Take an active part in your alliance and you will find it beneficial to your development. Do alliance quests and you can earn rewards. Higher level quests you complete, greater rewards you can win. On the right side bar, click quest - alliance quest to start it. Magic academy is a place for learning new and valuable magic and technologies. The higher its level, the more magic it can research. You can learn different technologies to boost the city's development there. Holy seeds - fine variety of seeds increases food production by 10% per level. It's very important to do research and use the advanced technologies to boost your city. Divine saw - improved sawing speed increases wood production. Magic stone - the special magic leads to an increased stone production.

    how to enter hack cheats Deadwalk.

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