Beast Brawlers
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    • platinum chest - elemEt ;

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    • power potions - meleK8 .

    Beast Brawlers android, ios hack codes 2017

    So you think you can waltz into the arena at first light and become a beast rider by sunset? Becoming a beast rider is anything but easy. here, borrow my Dire Hog and show me what you can do! Use the joystick to ride your beast around the arena. Attack by riding within range of your opponent to automatically hit. Not bad for a rookie. Since you defeated your opponent, the crowd is cheering for you! The more opponents you damage and kill, the more points you get. Don't get cocky though! Let's see how you do against a higher level beast! Beasts need time to rest after being knocked out. All beasts here an active ability.

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    Welcome android game Beast Brawlers! The dragon does more damage the closer opponents are. Score points by damaging and knocking out other players. The player who scores the most points in two minutes wins. If you win first or second position, the fans gift you a winner's chest. Don't forget to pick up heals when you health points is low, rookie! Score as many points as you can in two minutes. Hog dog - attacks become faster and stronger anytime the hog has low health. Life steal - when activated, the hog heals with each attack. You fought well today. Hack cheats code, take free gems and use them to quickly opens legendary chests.

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    Secrets cheat gameplay Beast Brawlers android codes: the best riders know their beasts by heart. Charge (active ability) - charges headlong into opponents, causing a serious amount of damage! Cripple (passive ability) - opponents hit by the bear's heavy attacks are slowed for a couple of seconds. Combine hero copies to level it up! You can hack cheat code some power potions. They will temporarily increase your damage in battle. Equip it to use it in battle. You consume one every time you use it in battle. And you can equip the same potion on multiple mounts. Destroy the crystal to gain a powerful random buff!

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