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    • gold coins - accu8R ;

    • medals - Mage6n ;

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    • rare creatures summon - elemEt ;

    • enhance - combW9 ;

    • rubies - meleK8 .

    Dungeon Trackers android, ios hack codes 2017

    One day, a great earthquake shook the land, opening cracks to the abyss. Out of the abyss arose the Demon king, the ultimate evil. To save the world from chaos, the grand summoner and his allies challenged the infernal king. With the defeat of the grant summoner, the demon king disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a horde of creatures that attacked all living beings of the realm. The once peaceful continent was now a place of total chaos. To quell the chaos, the tower of summoners decide to dispatch their summoners throughout the land. The summoners set forth to restore order to the land stricken by chaos. And here, a young summoner straight out of training sets forth today along with his companion to begin a long journey ahead.

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    Welcome android game Dungeon Trackers! Select your first party member. This is the first creature that will accompany you on your adventure. Fire warrior - a knight in training with a fiery spirit. "my sword shall purple all evil like the burning flame!" Wood archer - best shot in town, off on an adventure to challenge herself. "Bullseye! I never miss a shot!". Water mage - the grand daughter of Doyle the grand sage, currently on a journey to learn many things. "one day i'll be greater than my grandfather!".
    This is my final test as a trainee before i can be dispatched as a summoner, if i pass this test, i can finally go to the continent! A guide will help me on my journey, as i still lack experience with the outside world. Order the creature you summoned to attack. If you get your attack timing right, a situation called 'break' occurs.

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    Secrets cheat gameplay Dungeon Trackers android codes: evolution - maximum level creatures can be upgraded to the next rank. Get rank up material from special dungeons. When break is activated, you can inflict heavier damage on the enemy, and if you chain breaks into a combo, you can also damage the surrounding enemies. Make sure the creature you want to add does not exceed the total party cost. Now let's learn how to bring your friends and fellow adventurers on your adventures. You can either bring a friend or a stranger adventurer to battle. Your entire party will benefit from your friend's leader skill, but not with strangers. So the more friends you have, the greater the advantage you will have in battle. Enhance your creatures to increase their stats. The damage you inflict on the enemy increases or decreases based on creature attribute.

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