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      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack offline mode - Warr2i;

    • restore health - accu8R ;

    • level up - Mage6n ;

    • upgrade - cont5h ;

    • action points - destr0 ;

    • accuracy - elemEt ;

    • materials - combW9 ;

    • runes - meleK8 .

    Crowntakers android, ios hack codes 2017

    What? My father? King Jandric? In my mind? Yes! I am your father, and all of those who share my blood have the ability to talk to one another telepathically. I am using what little remains of my vital strength to do this so listen carefully. As you are probably aware, Dure Tomas of Esire has betrayed and deposed me. He is holding me captive in this dungeon as we speak. The dreadful wars between our armies have weakened the Duke's forces, if only for a short time. So it should be possible for a small group ti infiltrate his castle and free me. The blood of many great generals flows in your veins. I trust you completely! Your brothers have failed, but you will succeed. If you free me, i will reward you beyond your wildest dreams. And maybe one day, my throne will be yours! Please hurry before the Duke executes me. My son, you are my only hope!

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    Welcome android game Crowntakers! Welcome commander, we were waiting for your arrival to combat the rebels. Easy - all experience acquired by the hero and mercenaries during previous games is kept. You no longer need to defeat the boss at the end of each level. Normal - is the true gameplay experience. Each mercenary starts the game at level 1. You need to defeat the boss at the end of each level. In the course of your adventures, you will have to interact with different paces: buildings, taverns, blacksmith. Each time you interact with a location, it will trigger on event that can help you accomplish your quest - but it may also hamper your progress at times. Inns are special locations where you can recruit a new mercenary, rest or trade.

    Crowntakers hack cheat code key mode

    Secrets cheat gameplay Crowntakers android codes: vivist a blacksmith to improve the equipment of your mercenaries, if you have enough crafting materials and runes. Your house - you already know that you are going to miss it after a few days. Cave - as you scurry along the path under the pouring rain, you find the entrance of a cave where you can take shelter. Agility potion - your next attack will be a critical hit. It cannot miss and it cannot be dodged. Add runes to your equipment to upgrade it. You may also take part in various activities and earn some gold, provided you have good members in your party.

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