Street Wars Basketball
  • how to cheats Street Wars Basketball hack kode: trainning package, activennes, accuracy, diamond, coins, level up, energy. Street Wars Basketball hacked game bug codes android, ios.

    How bug Street Wars Basketball code cheats bug key 2017

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack summon - Wabett;

    • energy stamina - accu8R ;

    • level up - Magain ;

    • gold coins - coDunk ;

    • diamonds - deassis ;

    • accuracy - elyour ;

    • activennes - coandr ;

    • trainning package - meCrow .

    Street Wars Basketball android, ios hack codes 2017

    Welcome to new game. I am your assistant cheat-on. I will help you to finish all the matches and practices. First of all, let's dribble and warm up. Drag the d pad to mode the character and make yourself in a advantageous position. Tap shot button to shot. If you successfully shot behind the three point line, you will gain three points. Move behind the three point line to shot a three pointer and shock me. Dunk should be the most exciting way to get score. Tap pass button to pass the ball to a teammate in better position. Teamwork is the key to win a game.

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    Welcome android game Street Wars Basketball! You find an amateur basketball tournament hosted by street basketball community. You believe it is an opportunity to gain some bonus as far as you win the next four matches. In career, you can challenge the AI, complete the star challenge will gain more rewards and experience. Daily quest is the main place to gain the team experience. Complete the daily quest to get activeness and receive reward! Ranked game is under developing! Really a lot of hard works. Diamond can be exchanged to coins. Actually all the shots can be blocked as far as you jump at a correct timing.

    Street Wars Basketball hack cheat code key mode

    Secrets cheat gameplay Street Wars Basketball android codes: pass will create assist for your teammate, passing the ball to your teammate in open position will be the key of winning. Tap drive to fastly move and penetrate the defence. Follow the fan shaped prompt area to defence the target opponent. Some characters may not be able be bought by coins. All the props can be bought from shop and of course you can gain it from matches. The second type of training package can be bet for free. Windmill dunk - tap shot button when dribbling to the basket. Effect - a powerful and high accuracy dunk. You can increase the players' experience here. In contract, you can sign other players.

    how to enter hack cheats Street Wars Basketball.

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