Moodie Foodie
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      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack gems - Wabett;

    • premium lottery - accu8R ;

    • red can - Magain ;

    • luck bonus - coDunk ;

    • gold - deassis ;

    • rank up - elyour ;

    • cost - coandr ;

    • stamina - meCrow .

    Moodie Foodie android, ios hack codes 2017

    This is the island of Gourmetia: a gourmet's paradise. In the center is Peachatoria. Its queen is widely revered. "What shall we have for dinner?" Momo pondered to herself. Queen Momo is much loved by her subjects. However, there has been unrest in some parts as of late. The queen requires brave warriors. Warriors such as you! See if she'll enlist your help. You're granted an audience. Momo: "Wampf to munch ferve me?" Talking with your mouth full is bad manners, but let's forgive our Queen. It seems you have been knighted. Congratulations! Well... It doesn't look like you had much competition for the job...

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    Welcome android game Moodie Foodie! Now listen carefully. Seven lands revolt against the queen's rule. They morphed food into foodkin in preparation for war. I'll teach you the ropes. Clear areas to unlock new ones. Stamina - it's used to enter stages. Your maximum stamina will increase as you rank up. Battles await you at each stage. Buddies can help each other out in battles. The team's made up of your Foodkin and buddy foodkin. That's 4 total. Skill of the character set as leader. It auto activates. Follow a Buddy to use their skill! Let me explain about battles, listen carefully! Pay attention to Foodkin actions! In battle, each character has a turn. Its color and turn are shown at its feet. If health reaches 0, it's game over, so watch out. But don't worry! You can always select continue to try again.

    Moodie Foodie hack cheat code key mode

    Secrets cheat gameplay Moodie Foodie android codes: puzzle part - panels you remove affect the battle. Bottom bar indicates the time limit for the current turn! Usually this time will slowly decrease, but during the tutorial we'll make a special exception and give you all the time you need. Your Foodkin's moves - the number of times you can remove panels. Remove panels of the color matching your foodkin for an attack boost! Next, about skills. Look at the player's part of the screen. This is the number of turns until your skill can activate. The number goes down by one each turn. When it gets to 0, you can use the skill. Training foodkin using another of that same foodkin will raise its luck: be sure to keep that mind.

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