Golem Rage
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      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack voucher - Wabett;

    • new golems - accu8R ;

    • secret code - Magain ;

    • speed up - coDunk ;

    • unlimited health - deassis ;

    • gold chest - elyour ;

    • gems crystal - coandr ;

    • rage points - meCrow .

    Golem Rage android, ios hack codes 2017

    Double tap on the left half of the screen to roll. A roll makes you faster and invulnerable for a short time. You'll need it to win gold medals! Rolling reloads in 4 seconds. Symbol means your roll is reloaded. The golem must escape! Either swipe up\down to move, or hold your finger to slalom. Move your finger to the left to slow down. Grab solitary enemies to get rid of them. Grab attack - against solitary enemies, loose no time: the grab is a perfectly efficient way to get rid of nuisances. Grabbing enemies is also the fastest way to refill your rage bar! Use your punches against groups of enemies.

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    Welcome android game Golem Rage! Hermes shields - most of the time, they don't know what they're bashing behind their shield. Doesn't seems to preoccupy them, though. Info: cannot be burned, dash in your direction: change your trajectory to avoid getting destroyed! In last resort, an explosion can interrupt them. Crazy bombers - when you work with bombs, once in a while, there us an explosion. Sometimes, someone get out of it alive. That's how this special unit was created. Info: never moves, anticipate your movement and fire, can shoot you several times. Easy targets for grab attacks. Volcano shamans launch fire rains: look at the shadows on the ground to avoid them.

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    Secrets cheat gameplay Golem Rage android codes: use your explosion to neutralize large groups of enemies. An explosion cost 2 rage points: regain more by grabbing/punching enemies. Archers fire straight: avoid the arrows. Shields are brutish: avoid their dash. Explosion attack - cost 2 rage points, but basically explode anything around. For all big groups of enemies or any emergency situations. Tap weapon to check it. Each golem can boost rage power when meeting their match in the formation. Potential potions are spent to cultivate crew mates, potential potions can be obtained from events. Each crew mate has a certain amount of potential, which will be reduced after cultivating, take care. The value is random. Potential will be expended after cancellation, so pay attention.

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