Ryu Dynasty
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    • hack epic token - Wabett;

    • vip status - accu8R ;

    • stamina energy - Magain ;

    • gold ingot - coDunk ;

    • lucky grid - deassis ;

    • jade of destroy - elyour ;

    • star stone - coandr ;

    • epic summon - meCrow .

    Ryu Dynasty android, ios hack codes 2017

    A.D 185, with the bloody efforts by feudal lords and government army, Yellow turban rebellion has come to the end. In the era of war, only the true warriors can bear the responsibilities and craft theirn own destiny. Warrior - the young guy of immortal is from the village of dragon abyss, bearing the destiny to fight the doom power and save the world. He is calm and cool, a righteous person. Growing up in battlefield, he met heroes of three kingdoms in the battlefield. Mage - She met heroes of three kingdoms along the journey and fight together.

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    Welcome android game Ryu Dynasty! Nice equipment will bring huge assistant to army. Hero after level 20 and upgraded to purple rank will unlock special skill. Swing to use relic skill to broke the boss exclamation symbol before it appear. Normal campaign order purge is the fastest method for character to level up. Keep grasping condition of each partner in the team, a person who knows how to put one's talent to good use is fit to be a leader. Choose heroes enter to details interface, can make different details setting in skill, equipment, upgrade. Use the experience props that snatched from enemy to upgrade partner's strength! Long press item can continuous use great increase in attributes every 10 level.

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    Secrets cheat gameplay Ryu Dynasty android codes: god level upgraded, god skill level and damage level increased. Hero after level 10 and upgraded to blue rank will unlock must kill skill. Every 1 weapon power can add 1 damage power final value in battle. Relic skill can stun enemy after assault. Tavern - Real sage in city, if you want to build a strong army, don't forget often to come here and drink! Please write invite code hack more friends to obtain more gift packs. Collect all blue yellow red 3 color crystal types to activate character transformation. Consume yellow crystal to release same colour hero's ultimate skill. Beside of gaining 1 crystal every 10 seconds, kill enemy will also have chances for crystal dropping!

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