The Walking Dead March to War
  • how to cheats The Walking Dead hack kode: resources food, salvage, lumber, fuel pack, talents, level up, covers, survivors, energy code. The Walking Dead: March to War hacked game bug codes android, ios.

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      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack epic mode - Wabett;

    • tickets - accu8R ;

    • stamina energy code - Magain ;

    • survivors - coDunk ;

    • covers - deassis ;

    • level up - elyour ;

    • talents - coandr ;

    • resources: food, salvage, lumber, fuel pallet - meCrow .

    The Walking Dead: March to War android, ios hack codes 2017

    A powerful artifact arises....Capable of granting a woman's wishes...However, should she be impure of heart, she will be corrupted and transformed into a twisted being of destruction...New meridian sleeps restlessly, it has been seven years. Since the last skull girl ravaged the world, when will the next one awaken, and who will rise up to defeat her? Welcome to new android game, where countless survivors, forced together by a horde of walkers battle for dominance the D.C. area. Your arrival has not yet been noticed, and you will be protected against attack for 8 hours. Take advantage of this time to explore the map, start building your community, and prepare for the battles to come.

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    Welcome android game The Walking Dead: March to War! As your march to war begins, you and your partner Amira have just come to the aid of a group led by Rick grimes, whose brewing conflict with Negan and the saviors has been stalled by the horde's arrives...To begin constructing your base, tap the base button at the bottom center of your screen. If warehouse, reassign to food, salvage, lumber, or fuel to begin producing and collecting that resource. If near HQ, construct range or infirmary. Food pallet - primarily consumed by survivors and council member as they train and heal. Salvage pallet - primarily used to construct and upgrade buildings. Lumber - used for everything from training and healing to base construction and upgrades. Produce and store here until ready to collect.

    The Walking Dead: March to War hack cheat code key mode

    Secrets cheat gameplay The Walking Dead: March to War android codes: you need more people to survive. Construct buildings to house and locate them. Use the broadcast tower to search for survivors recruit a survivor of your choice. Infirmary - when survivors or council members are injured restore them to maximum health here. All survivors and council members are either fully healed, or still on a raid. wait for them to return to assess their status. Lore Ashman - You watch as she practices with a fencing foil, dueling an invisible opponent. Then she takes the foil in both hands and uses it to garrote a walker across the forehead. Select an empty plot next to HQ and build an infirmary heal your injured.

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