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    MLB Perfect Inning Live android, ios hack codes 2017

    Let's learn how to control your pitch. Move the control pad on bottom left to select a pitch. Tap and hold the button to increase the pitching gauge. Release to stop the gauge. Over pitch (blue): the pitch has high velocity with shaky command and consumes a lot of stamina energy. Best (yellow): this is the best pitch to maximize the pitcher's attributes. A normal (grey) pitch preserves a pitcher's stamina. But it lacks in Velocity and stuff. A fail (red) pitch is a mistake pitch when you fail to control the pitch command. Tap the pitch button to control the gauge.

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    Welcome android game MLB Perfect Inning Live! A textbook double play ends the inning. Let's learn how to control the batter. You can check your and the opposing pitcher's info. Use the pad on bottom left to select the bat location. Tap the swing button to swing the bat. Auto contact allows you to bat without you moving the bat. A loanee player cannot be re-signed, or sold on FA market. When training is complete the target player enhances to the next level. Select basic or premium roulette. You may directly deal players in FA market. A higher grade player will automatically be selected as the target.

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    Secrets cheat gameplay MLB Perfect Inning Live android game: if you choose to field only, batting will be simulated. A representing pitcher will be enhanced to +3. You'll receive rewards upon finishing tutorials. Tutorials are available in the option menu. When you re-enter, you may resume from where you left on. Auto run - allows you to do the base running automatically. Use 2 identical players to enhance. Upon failure the player's enhance level will change to +1. Pitcher's stamina decreases upon pickoff. having trouble selecting your pitch? A catcher helps you find the best pitch.

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