Clash of Royal
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    • Clash of Royal treasurelegendary code - Magain ;

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    • fragment - elyour ;

    • Clash of Royal diamond gem gem crystal - coandr ;

    • diamond purchase - meCrow .

    Clash of Royal android, ios hack codes 2017

    The rise of hero: 338 BC, descendants of Atlantis wanna initiate a country restoration war. They meet you in the vast sea and serve you as a king recruit armies and fight for you, but are you willing to do it for them...being the king? My lord, even you will feel dizzy and weak by times of traveling, don't sleep on my breast! We already arrived! My lord, here is the first station of our trip - daliang city. Oh no, enemies are coming, i'm afraid we can't defend!

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    Welcome android game Clash of Royal! Snowy slayer city: love and peace. Does not mean that my Mohist is not good at war. In today's world princes separatism, people are destitute. And me, The slayer 300 BC, when the king need me win this city to seek the world, I just do it! TO our surprise, they became stronger than before., but the captain still defeated them without being hurt. Tap Ok button and item will be equipped to your character to give them higher attack power. Tap equipment button, and here is all the equipment you have. Tap enhance to enhance your weapon.

    Clash of Royal hack cheat code key mode

    Secrets cheat gameplay Clash of Royal android game: win general equipment from battle. Slayer - deal damage to all enemies when enter battle. Pull to use the card. Get card by winning rank game. Use cavalry camp to protect ballista. Press card to check info. A wooden treasure chest that contains beli, along with free equipment and arcanes, but needs to be opened with a silver key. Mutton kick - allows its user to carry out a side kick which is followed by several more continuous kicks all over his reval's body. A fairly easy arcane. The enhanced value is on the right. The most important part is that enhancing will never fail. You need to enhance your equipment to boost your team's power.

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