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    The gate of our colony is set deep inside the valley, so enemies can only possibly come from one direction. This is a huge advantage for us strategy wise, but we can’t let our guard down on strengthening our defenses. The structure list is already displayed on the defense structure panel for your viewing pleasure. Our defense structures require an independent power source. The structure panel will provide us info on our current power situation. I suggest building a solar power plant and a auto machine gun to support and defend the gate. THe ultimate goal of our enemies is to destroy the refuge gate. Once they achieve that, massacre and plundering will come next. That’s a huge responsibility to bear.

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    As the refuge level up, our radar’s detection range can also be expanded. This will be helpful in spotting more potential enemies. From a long term standpoint, we should continue to purge enemies bases and collect gold coins to upgrade our troops as well as other technologies. Guard - regular troops containing plenty of soldiers. Most of them end up dead unfortunately, but they are determined to continue on and overwhelm the enemy with their sheer numbers. Guards are the most basic troop type. Heavy firepower and huge numbers are their advantage, which is why AoE damage can be quite destructive for them. But don’t worry about losing your guard troops as they are cheap and can be replenished with the mirror image quite easly.

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    Recovery process restores health for your troops and mercenaries. Concentrate our firepower and wipe out all auto machine gun before they even realize what’s going on. Landmines cannot become targets, but can be destroyed by range damage! Data chip - records the enhancement details of guard equipment. We can use it to upgrade the level of troops. A soldier has fallen down? Use the mirror image to replenish him. Half the number of troops max can be replenished each time. Cooldown is 20 seconds. The replenished troops will not be counted in the final score results. There is a limit on the number of daily plunder battle and stage battle attempts. Meteor crush is the most basic battlefield skill, capable of dealing a huge amount of damage on a small number of defense structures. It can be used to take out tricky enemies. Please use specified skills to fight alongside your allies instead.

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    1. kXmnGCheB5 - ruby gem
    2. afGPB5yO54 - unlimited resources
    3. AQq0wZop1z - shield
    4. zm5DNVkUgG - treasure
    5. ouNLcfC0gu - ultimate chest
    6. dbY941UDRb - instant build
    7. 8w9PmWAARp- shards
    8. sigO7wnywd - epic champions
    9. 9lZl7zOY26 - troops
    10. A6Mh8mhM7D - gold

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    Published contact: 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US

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    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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