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    . Android game Monster Sweetie cheat hack code - Diamond summon, super egg, runes, chest, gold coins, evolve, sweep sword, unlimited hearts (New York, Unated state).

    Evil dragon is summoned by a mystic power, coming with it the great disaster. Only the dragon summoner can tame the evil dragon. legend has it that whoever pass the test of sky arena can become one. It is up to you to become a dragon summoner and save the world.
    Hello, summoner! I am a monster, an apple tree! We expect you for a long time! Oracle implies you are the dragon summoner. For now you are not powerful enough! But no worry! Keep learning, and you will be the dragon summoner one day! I will teach you, it’s my honor. Now i will show you how to summon a monster. Tap super egg. Grass, water, fire are three basic type, there will more powerful types in the future. Type is important. Different types possess unique skills and specialties. Different types have connection.

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    Monster Sweetie hack Monster Sweetie codes

    You can reach other scenes on the dragon land from the world map. Evil dragon is watching, so let’s be careful. Select a level to prepare the battle. Boss level in each scene will drop higher quality runes randomly. SKills can be very effective if used correctly! Cure - restore 30% life of our target monster. Clean all of its debuffs. Fire paw - ignore target's defense if the target has debuff. Flare pony - attack all opponents with 50% power. Cause extra damage which equals 100% of the target’s defense. Battle can earn experience and gold coins. If you win, you can also get a chest. Some monsters will join you when defeated. Swallow redundant characters to gain more experience for a specific monster.

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    Monster Sweetie secret Monster Sweetie bug

    Enhancement will cost you a monster with the same breed. Runes equipped on a monster can improve its ability significantly. Mystic power is sealed in the runes. Once enhanced, it will be more powerful. Enhancement could fail, so good luck. Monsters flee from the land, coins are lost in the grass. If we are lucky, we can collect a lot. When count down ends, you get coins. Bonus - for each flower friends send coins +1%. Coins collected need to be put in the coins bag for cleaning. You will get the coins after cleaning, which takes 24 hours. be careful other summoners will rob your coins bag if they can. Tap button on the up left side of the screen to do auto battle. It will make your journey like a walk in the park. When in auto battle, by tapping a specific opponent, all your monsters will attack that one. It is very useful if used correctly.

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    Monster Sweetie unlimited hearts Monster Sweetie diamond

    1. SCn4fe2tOe - diamond summon
    2. mncuiQTl3r - super egg
    3. uJRvwrVQ2M - runes
    4. YuFymALm2Z - chest
    5. rN4hQcWgSl - gold coins
    6. SfhM3eVcjX - evolve
    7. vRqCK2LNaL - sweep sword
    8. YDBGQXjF5e - unlimited hearts
    9. SqXtoSPgNR - enhance

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    Published contact: 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US

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    title: hack Monster Sweetie
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    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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