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    Oh, you are here! Everyone was waiting for a new lord! You look way better than what we heard of! I am cheat-on and i will be helping ou. THough this is just a small territory of boarder area, you will definitely make this town flourished. Chapter map - this is consist of 10 stages and previous stage has to be cleared before proceeding to the next stage. You can check detailed stage information here. Stamina is required to play the stages. When you have insufficient stamina energy, you can purchase it in + button above or hack cheats code. Freed the knight and matin the patrol leader joined to chase the thieves. Party formation has to be done before starting a battle. Select 4 heroes on your left side and locate them in the slots below. Since this is your first battle, tap on auto placement button. I will place right heroes in right location for you.

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    We must try a more powerful attack because the resistance of the enemy is stronger than expected. Command your hero full with rage to use skill. Tap on blinking skill button to attack the enemies. Then let’s go back to the territory and recruit heroes who will help sweeping the thieves. Meet Stephanie who runs Inn and shop. There are a lot of people from our of the town around there. She may know a lot of nice people. You can get hero fragment or hero through summon. You have one free summon a day, so please come back again. In order to be a good lord, it is important to be win public sentiment form the town. if you care about the problems of residents and solve them, the people will follow you. If the lives of the people are stabilized, you can see territory growth. You will be able to see many big and colorful buildings as well. If there is any quest from the residents, you will see them behind me. You can tap on them to talk.

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    Tips: hunter hero is specialized in raid and land of death. Conquerer hero is specialized in alliance battle. if you take care of the questsfrom the residents, you can expect some rewards. it is important to understand the situation in such this battle where many people are participating in. such this battle where many people are participating in. It is effective to have heroes fight in a battle on their own, and command only when it seems necessary. Tap on the guided button and activate auto mode. While heroes are fighting with their skills, you can focus on understanding the situation. If you want to use the skill by yourself, touch the button again to deactivate auto mode.

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    1. kNR8vMYLD5 - stamina key energy
    2. Yr6x5qODTB - sela of hero
    3. iBFzctzaqF - ruby package
    4. ptVAYEWyhj - summon ticket
    5. 1s28usi5kg - gold
    6. BTfIPZHsrw - upgrade
    7. f0GiY1pSj0 - premium voucher

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    Published contact: 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US

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    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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