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    . Android game We Heroes cheat hack code - gold chest, soulstones, vip card, upgrade, evolve, rune, food stamina energy (New York, Unated state).

    There’s a rumor about a mystical orb, an orb that contain the essence of life. Everybody wants its power. For greater good, or even evil. It’s known as the orb of magic. One day the orb is finally found by a young boy and girl. They took the orb to protect it from the evil. But the presence of the orb attracts the evil monster. Their adventure to protect the orb begin...We have the orb in our house, we must protect it from monster’s attack. I’ll protect the house with magical shield. The shield still can be destroyed though, so you must kill the monsters before it’s too late. Remember, if the shield destroyed it means the game is over. On the top left of the screen, there’s an information bar. You must keep your eye on it in order to survive. The green bar shows shield hit points. You can see how long the shield will last with that.

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    The blue bar under it is a mana bar. It will be decreased every time i cast magic. On the upper right of the screen, there is magic button. YOu can see the magic that can be casted on that button. I can cast up to three kind of magic in one run. On the bottom left corner of the screen, there’s movement joystick. You can move around using that. On the bottom right corner, there’s shooting joystick. You can shoot the monster with your gun using that. Press the joystick and drag it to the direction that you want to shoot at. Remember, you don’t have to tap it repeatedly to keep shooting, just press it. The gun will auto fire. Keep in mind that you can shoot at any direction. Just press and drag the joystick, no need to tap it repeatedly.

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    Tips: remember, you can use bottom right joystick to aim the target. The monster will come as a group, you can;t handle them by only your power. I can help you by casting a magic. Tap and drag your finger from the ice magic button and release on them. Every magic has different effect on monsters. Ice magic can freeze the monsters for several amount of time. It’s not that easy, remember the blue bar i mentioned before? That’s my mana bar. Every magic casted costs some mana. I can’t help anything if my mana is depleted. Anyway you can restore my mana and reset the magic’s cooldown. Tap the crystal icon on the upper left corner to restore my mana. Restoring mana use a crystal. Crystal is a rare material, so use it wisely. Ok then, now you’re ready.

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    We Heroes soulstones rune We Heroes gold chest

    1. 9dKP9EDS0x - gold chest
    2. udGWaGJG2I - soulstones
    3. t9lbu92qOt 0- vip card
    4. eVDOcooSkk - upgrade
    5. rMSoDwbP59 - evolve
    6. joG8LvGfdY - rune
    7. X5U5Iajjmw - food stamina energy
    8. OjrgL8p7A0 - level up

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