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    I hope you’re prepared for a simple blaster drill. Aim at the training droid and destroy it. Use your left thumb to aim at the droid. Then tap fire to use your blaster. Adequate, now for something more challenging. I’ve provided cover for the next exercise. You blasters are set for stun. We have an alarm in the detention center. Blast the control panel to unlock the security door. You need to take down shield. Firing rapidly can overheat your weapon. It must cool down before you can fire again. Each hero has a special ability. Use Poe’s hot shot to disable the shield. Crouch behind cover to reduce damage taken. Tap the left and right buttons to move to another cover location.

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    Finn is the name given to FN-2187 by Poe Dameron during the pair’s escape from the first order star destroyer finalizer. Finn joined the resistance when the brutal methods of the first order became too much for him to bear. Blastech - rapid fire blaster rifle. Hold down attack button for fast continuous blasts. Health - able to take more damage in battle when upgraded. Shatterblast - he fires a blast that deals extra damage to armored units and vehicles.
    Admiral Ackbar - hero of the rebellion, admiral was brought by general Leia Organa to be part of the resistance, helping to oversee the attack on starkiller base. Leadership - he increases his damage for a short time.
    The first player to 20 points earns a victory. Each enemy hero you defeat is worth 5 points. All other enemies are worth 1 point. Change your hero during the match by tapping their portrait. Each day, you’ll receive a set of tasks to complete, each with a reward. You can collect these rewards at any time.

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    Tips: You’ve received credits for completing your missions or bug modes. Credits can be used to purchase crates and other things in the store. We’ve also given you some more valuable crystals. You have enough credits to buy a crate in the store. Crates contain data tapes that unlock and improve heroes. The resistance’s best pilot attempts to escape a first order star destroyer. Complete all missions on normal mode to unlock hard mode and the next campaign. When you see the danger icon, keep moving to dodge the droid’s self destruct. Head back to the home screen to spend your credits in the store. Data tapes can be used to rank up heroes. Each hero used in battle grants 1 player XP. Fatigued heroes can fight in the arena, but only refreshed heroes gain rewards. The active hero’s health is displayed in the upper left.

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    Star Wars Rivals credits Star Wars Rivals crystal

    1. WKKRPhObom - credits
    2. Iu0N3ZwEqv - crystal
    3. owJPPTGWq7 - legendary crates
    4. fouVPf4uin - data tapes
    5. 05Kb6in139 - rank up
    6. mES31uKRkU - level up
    7. 72Vz3IJMJy - aim
    8. RD4wF5uYFd - cool down off

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