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    A month ago, American soldiers Nick Morton and his friend Vail strayed off course from a routine reconnaissance mission in Iraq when an airstrike exposed a four thousand year old burial crypt.Exploring the chamber, they excavated the remains of an ancient Egyptian princess banished from her kingdom for attempting to summon set, the god of chaos, to ultimately rule the world together. With the sarcophagus aboard the plane ride back, princess Ahmanet was resurrected, killing most of the crew… except Nick, who miraculously survived the ensuing crash in the country fields of England. Ahmanet quickly regenates from a mummified relic to a full-on evil force with human form, using people’s lives as her own life source. She attempts to reshape London in her own demonic image until being stopped by Prodigium, a secret organization led by Dr. Henry Jekyll to rid the world of evil.

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    Realizing that he’d survived Ahmaner’s destruction only because he’d been cursed, Nick finally ended the monster’s plot by becoming Set himself and using his new found Godly powers to recapture Ahmanet. She is now being held at Prodigium, encased in a sarcophagus of mercury, where she will lie, hopefully, forever. Nick’s journey, on the other hand, returns to the Middle East where he continues the struggle of good versus evil, his own mortal identity versus Set. It’s a new world of gods and monsters.
    To start, here are the facts - little clean tissue paper thoughts that billow about Nick ever since the events of London: he was born in april, vail in september. They both perished this past June in an airplane crash (listed an “accidental collision” in the USAF registry), and were both resurrected that very same month. SInce then, they have been traveling Egypt for one single minded purpose: to either find some means to control the new powers Set’s presence gifts Nick… or remove the entity, entirely.

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    His abilities are extraordinary, yes, but have quickly grown impossible to control, and he continually feels sick, and wears sicker, an outwardly decaying host to a unwelcome tenant. Replenished with gas, our travelers Jeave. Vail complains of his cars still ringing, but doesn’t want to openly blame Nick for the “event” near Jensen. But Nick can’t conduct miracles without Set’s permission - as Vail well knows - and Set’s wonders only come when their objectives are aligned, when Nick can feel its loose coils tighten, and grip, and the thing stirs from its sleep. It is not unlike a dog, Nick thinks, loyal to a fault, and uncaring of timing or context. But the scope of that loyalty is vague, and narrow, and includes him - only - out of dire necessity.

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