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    So… are you saying that you don’t remember anything? But you see, that part is the most important to me. We’ve been waiting for a hero for very long time. Let’s begin the adventure first. I will explain the details later. Oh, i almost forgot! You need to select a friend card before entering, so let’s first select a recommended friend. You have to do this every time you go into a battle, so it is a good idea to have a powerful friend. I will tell you the basics, so listen up. I will tell you how to attack. Touch and drag the board down to spin it. ATK has been determined by the chosen type. Did you see where it went after the fire breath? We need to chase it. But let’s get rid of the enemies in front of us and talk later.

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    LuckyStrike Slotmachine cheats android, ios hack codes
    LuckyStrike Slotmachine hack LuckyStrike Slotmachine cheat

    As you can see from how he helped us, dragons are far from dangerous. And he may know how to send you back, so you’d better follow that dragon. There’s a thing called Hero’s journey at the top right. You will use it often from now on. If you want something to do, you can get a new objective from it. The rewards for completed journeys will be sent by mail. All the monsters cards have gained experience after the battle. YOu can level up your cards by gaining experience from battles, but there’s a direct method, too. You can merge a card with another one. Select a card you’ve equipped and check the detailed information. To level up - touch the level up button in monster info. Then you need to select a monster card as material. You’ve leveled up! That means you’ve become a bit stronger.

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    LuckyStrike Slotmachine secret LuckyStrike Slotmachine mode code

    Tips: you can enhance your items if you have all the materials needed. The same type appears in a line leading to a straight line or a diagonal line. Let’s proceed. You have much to learn about battles.There are a few things i need to explain, so listen carefully. First, let’s talk about combos. The more the links, the higher the attack. Many types were used in combos simultaneously, so it might look complicated. There are a total of 4 types on the board: hammer, sword, bow and wand. When identical types are linked, they become an attack combo. The more the number of combos, the higher the attack. This is where the master type plays its role. It links combos of all 4 types. If you make combos with multiple types, multiple cards will be able to get attack. And you can check how powerful this attack is from the enemy’s HP bar in the top right.

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    LuckyStrike Slotmachine credits LuckyStrike Slotmachine credits

    1. XotNRkYSvm - star package
    2. 5vpdIQAysn - vip satus
    3. 2fqspFa9hb - level up
    4. GQfWTf6AHf - gold
    5. u1IU3o8wkO - diamonds crystal
    6. tN802XmVBw - gems
    7. xgFAbbJSql - upgrade
    8. SuML4KOi75 - enhance materials
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