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    To claim dominion over this world, the two main clans of the heavens - the Olympians and the Titans - waged a terrifying, decade - long war. At the height of this war between the divines, the titan Prometheus defected to the side of the Olympians, and began supporting their leader, the god Zeus. The tides of war quickly turned in favor of Zeus and the olympians. THe flames of war began to lick at the hearts of mankind. Amphitryon, king of Thebes, personally commanded his troops to enter the fray, as well.The queen of Thebes, Alcmene, gave birth to a son while her king was away, however. To avoid any unnecessary trouble, she ventured forth into the outskirts of the city to abandon her child. Little did she know that as soon as she left him, two venomous serpents emerged from the fields, eyeing the infant boy with murderous, hungry intent.

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    Before Alcmene could even react, however, the boy’s little hands flew out and seized the two serpents by their necks, strangling them to death! The experience filled the Thebian queen with overwhelming remorse. Without another though, she returned to her palace with her son in her arms, and gave him a name that would be remembered for ages to come: Hercules. War, which once gave rise to the mighty Olympians, would also prove to be their downfall. Upon his return the front lines, Amphitryon was delighted to discover that his wife gave birth to not just a son, but a son blessed with superhuman strength. One day, a wise and powerful hermit - the Centaur, Chiron - arrived unexpectedly in Thebes. After speaking to Amphitryon, he became the personal instructor of Hercules, who then would receive daily combat from the noble Chiron. With Chiron’s help, Hercules’ proficiency in the art of war grew at an alarmingly fast rate. However, nobody could guess what Chiron’s true intentions were….

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    Tips: the speed of hero and mercenary can determine the moving order and distance in battle. Attack another player’s castle to loot resources. Enter campaign to continue our story. Zeus and his brothers Hades and Poseidon defeated the Titans and claimed rulership over the universe ruling the sky, underworld, and sea. The king of Gods Zeus neglects politics and concentrates on women, upsetting many gods, the heavens are turning a dark tide. Hercules has all grown up, he is training in the arena by the palace, let us train him and learn how to battle. A certain amount of energy is required to challenge. Energy will recover over time. Choose defend to take less damage. Battles are turn based. The enemy’s turn has ended. It is chance to fight back! Let’s tap the attack button. Select the target to commence the attack. melee heroes can only attack targets within a distance of 1 tile. Tap the skill icon to release a skill. SKills will select targets automatically and consume hero MP.

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