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    . Android game Duels Masters Of Battle cheat hack code - epic chest, cart of gold, diamond crystal, epic cards, upgrade, evolve (New York, Unated state).

    Silver Duke - as soon as he enters the battlefield, rapidly dashes near the enemy and releases 3 invincible slashes. For every unit he kills, he gets 50 attack power bonus. Skills - guardian shield - for a certain period of time, immune to all damages. Ranged soldiers - summons 3 ranged mages that have good attack power, but they are super fragile. Crimson blade - as an assassin, her abilities to clear the field and group battle are considered to be outstanding. Iron hoof - the most traditional human shield, one hoof is enough to make the enemies lose their sanity. Burning touch - burns an area, causing true damage to enemy units inside the area. Afrah - nature is her aid, she can summon powerful creatures to battle or restore. her beauty is her biggest virtue. Melee soldiers - summons 3 normal soldiers, although they are just cannon fodder, they are still pretty lethal against tower and monster untis.

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    See the 1 on all the monster cards? That number is the skill cooldown. The cooldown number will be decreased whenever you spin the board in a turn. And you can use the skill if it becomes 0. YOu can read the description if you touch a skill, so read it carefully and use the skill at the right time. Combine 3 cards of the same maximum level monster card obtain a random high rank monster card. Links of two or more types it starts from the leftmost line and links to the right. Now i will tell you about items, since you need to become stronger in order to go on. Equip the item on the monster card. High grade items are awesome. Use them once you can get your hands on one of them. You need materials to enhance items. You can get most of them from battles. So don;t forget to try enhancing when you are ready. Stat boosts of high grades items are tremendous.

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    Tips: There are quests other than the hero’s journey. There are daily missions and achievements. They are a bit different, but you can receive rewards from completing them, so don’t forget to stop by and check what you can do or what you can get. The difference is the stats of the characters are fixed, but spin boards become even stronger as they level up! They differ by type, so you must select them wisely according to the monster cards you have. Power of the dragon type - when two or more show up, the dragon himself will come and help you out. Since the dragon type is so special, you don’t have to link it with other types. You just need 2 or more on the board. The conditions look a bit complicated, but there’s an auto equip feature, so use it if it’s too confusing.

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    1. un2Tvcnhc7 - epic chest
    2. OvcpV5N4JX -cart of gold
    3. 8yY7Rn45UK - diamond crystal
    4. CDrVuhZqr3 - epic cards
    5. jNsnglD433 - upgrade
    6. SgmBbHwYNO - evolve

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