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    . Android game Black Survival cheat hack code - mithril, ruby, ingredients, food, unlimited stamina, time, rank point, gold, gems (New York, Unated state).

    Subject body modification has been complete. Pulse reads stable, breathing is normal. Move the subject to the recovery room. Hmm, si you are already conscious?
    You are up earlier than you should be. I get it, you are totally lost. Stay calm and let me explain. You are in lumia island. You are going to be here for awhile. Do yourself a service and least beware of the names of places. You have one job to complete on this island. Put your life at stake against 9 others. Be the last man standing. You are not quite grasping the situation you are put in. Well, unfortunately, we are too short on time to give you proper explanation. Just try it and you will eventually get it. I wish you the best of your luck...

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    Black Survival cheats android, ios hack codes
    Black Survival hack Black Survival cheat

    My name is cheat-on and i’m in charge of guiding you for the moment. Let’s learn about how the experiment is actually carried out. Once the test begins, you have to get out of this area before the timer expires. Touch the image of feet at the bottom right corner. You can move to different area by touching that area on the map. What should you do to the last survivor? You’re right, restricted areas are only going to increase. The moment entire island become restricted, everyone is going to die. The only way to walk away alive is to be the last man standing. To protect yourself, you need to get a weapon. Touch the center of the screen to search the area. Iron ore is not a weapon but still a useful crating material. Knuckle is a basic hand weapon. It’s not strong but it will do for now. You can combine two items to make higher tier item. Crafted items are slotted in the bag.

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    Black Survival secret Black Survival mode code

    Tips: The most basic cooking ingredient is boiling water. All ingredients are somewhat edible if you just boil them. You can only get boiling water by crafting. But, how would you know where to find these ingredients? Click on the red set target button on the top left of the screen. Navigation is a useful too that informs you of necessary ingredients and areas to find them for crafting. There seems to be lighters lying around in the area. You can get a trophy if you come out victorious. Some of these trophies are useful cooking ingredients. You can escape from area using the move button at the bottom right side. Do not remain in the restricted area as the bracelet will explode and kill you. Run away before the time is up. There will be warning before the area is designated as restricted area always be aware.

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    Black Survival diamonds crystal Black Survival gold

    1. tJc1ChZh2X - mithril
    2. alpldUhk8e - ruby
    3. 3lSXwqLEmQ - ingredients
    4. 5TzwwIAzzh - food
    5. kyajuV2o8Z - unlimited stamina
    6. MLQBFNVK3l - time
    7. 8AI3irewKG - rank point
    8. 37obfYoaEF - gold
    9. uUb5n2Ax3H - gems

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