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    . Android game Fight League cheat hack code - Fight bursts, money, start dasher, summon, level up, upgrade, gems crystal (New York, Unated state).

    Take your battle to the world and rise to the top!Battle by using the spectacular powers of your fighters. The fighter on the platform across from you is the enemy leader. Win by reducing the enemy leader’s health point to 0. Get them before they get you! Look at your fighters in the field. The arrows around them show the directions they’ll attack with their fight arts. If fight arts go towards friendly fighters, they’ll activate art chains and do additional damage! Link multiple art chains and do tons of damage to the enemy team. Fight bursts are powerful techniques that you can use when your leader’s HP gets to 200 or below. Money - use it to get more powerful characters. And be on the lookout for friends to pair up with for the ultimate tag team.

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    Welcome to android league, where the best vie to prove their strength. Form a tag team with a friend and begin writing your legend. There are total of 7 weapon types. It’s best to use weapon you are most familiar with. Numbers below the portrait is the weapon type equipped and its mastery. Toys of the dead have high attack and long range, but low health points. Sacrifice is the key to playing with this tricky Brand. Fight burst can be used one time when a leader’s HP falls to 2000 or below. Turn the tide with a well placed burst. Messages are automatically deleted after 3 months. There are some heroes that are naturally fitted to be human shields. A hero’s ultimate skill needs a certain time to accumulate.

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    Fight League secret Fight League mode code

    Tips: By the way, if an enemy survives an attack, they might fight back. The numbers above their head are the remaining turns before their next attack. The higher the number, the stronger the attack, so keep that in mind. YOu shouldn’t just sit there and watch them attack. There’s something you can do after a spin. It’s called respin, and obviously it’s something you do after a spin. The overall result might not turn out to be good although you’ve done well with the combo. That’s the moment when you should use the secret weapon - it’s the respin button! It’s not guaranteed to give out better results, but you can always use it if you’re not satisfied with the situation.

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    Fight League bursts Fight League money

    1. dijdjpHQaE - fight bursts
    2. J0k0f0ln7q - money
    3. NG2QL4oXnm - start dasher
    4. uxOy70aVzL - summon
    5. poy40qjW7O - level up
    6. rAO2H1THjT - upgrade
    7. La4EJM6px6 - gem crystal
    8. eKpWNGYILS - vip
    9. da4rsrkyck- month card

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