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The day when humanity collapsed. The virus took away 80% of the planet population. Later, 10% died in wars for supplies and ammo. We’ve been surviving in the wilderness for years and we’ve learned a lot: we build our houses, grow plants and make weapons. Electronics parts will come in handy when assembling a radio and other electrical devices. Don’t throw them away. Some regions are extremely cold. Guns - firearms are pretty long and may attract unnecessary attention. Use at your own risk. Upgrade the floor and walls to protect your house against zombies, raiders and weather. Crafting - a right furnace uses logs and planks to operate. Always check if there’s enough fuel before you leave. Food - crowing crops is a key to surviving nowadays. Consider building a garden bed as soon as you can.

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Card - common access card to secret military bunker alfa located nearby. Hatchet - a broad blade located along the handle. Usually used for cutting trees. Casual backpack - used for light hikes, allows carrying 8 additional pieces. Campfire - can prepare meat and warm your heart. Get yourself some warm clothes. Fight - some zombies are slow. If you are about to be surrounded by a horde - it might be a good idea to run away. Woodworking bench - used for cutting wood into planks. Raw resources - some resources like rocks or wood can be found anywhere on the ground. But to shop a tree or to break a hard stone you will need tools.

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Tips: Archers are ranged units that are able to attack the enemy at any position. However they are vulnerable,and we must have our hero protect them. Heroes and mercenaries will counter the attacker when attacked for the first time each round. Mercenaries will take action based on their own judgment. Even the famous heroes might appear at our tavern. You should grab the opportunity to recruit them. Buy everyone drinks, and you will receive gifts in return. Use buy drink diamond to win a hero’s heart more easily. Quests will guide development and give ample rewards. Resources are the key to city development.

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1. ecSSjHSgwA - speed mode
2. YfJp31WU4l - unlimited energy
3. 9PP4hp2Z0C - wood
4. BMdhsBgzIF - stone
5. oDQCWi7hJ2 - metal
6. xuopHSCBY2 - box of spares
7. lUgEJqh3ta - builder’s pack
8. VSV0vjaFDS - boosts
9. JY64rxuoxY - points
Last day on Earth guns - firearms are pretty loud and may attract unnecessary attention. Use at your own risk.Last day on Earth hack raw resources Hack raw resources - some resources like rocks or wood can be found anywhere on the ground. But to chop a tree or to break a hard stone you will need tools.Last day on Earth cheat crafting crafting cheat code - some recipes require things that cannot be made via craft. Such parts can only be found.Last day on Earth radio code radio - use a radio to learn the bunker code, get in touch with the dealer and raiders. Look for other useful contacts at the right frequency.Last day on Earth threat level Threat level - locations on the global map differ in their difficulty. Green ones are the simpest, yellow ones are harder and red ones are the most dangerous. But the more difficult a location is, the more interesting things can be found there.Last day on Earth chests Chests hack - common wooden chests will significantly increase space for keeping stuff, for your convenience you can even paint them different colors.Last day on Earth vehicle parts - soldiers were leaving bunkers in a hurry. There’s still a lot of parts, gasoline and other useful stuff there.Last day on Earth transport cheat - collect working parts of engines. You will need them if you want to assemble a motorcycle or even an all terrain vehicle.Last day on Earth traps - traps and spikes will help you defend from zombies. However, they are not that effective against other survivors.

The Big one - some zombies changed during evolution and they turned into terrible beasts. It’s better to stay away from them.
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